What You Need to Know about Effective Event Networking

An event would not be successful without attendees. As event organizers, communication is an important factor that can ensure the said event’s success. Events won’t also be able to achieve their objectives without the help of trusted suppliers. This includes event rentalstent rentalsstaging and dance floor rentals, and other similar businesses. 


One important purpose of events management is to bring people together who share common interests. This is how networking comes into the picture. Networking also aims to create a contact list or circle that will help enhance and develop your skills. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a popular influencer to have a good network of contacts. 


Getting started 

When looking for a job, you usually need to look hard enough to find a vacancy that suits your skills and qualifications. Some people can be luckier if they already knew someone employed in a company they are planning to apply for. The same applies to event networking. 


It is important to create your own contact network to get the valuable information you need. It can be a distant relative, an old friend or schoolmate, colleagues in your former place of work, local club members, or even a neighbor. Make sure to have a business card that you can give to people whom you want to network with. 


Networking event ideas 

There are many ways you can connect with other people through event networking. Everyone can use these whether you run party rentalscorporate tent rentals, or any kind of business. These might not be applicable for now since we are still in the middle of a pandemic. But you can save these ideas for future reference. 


Food stations 

This includes ice cream, buffets, or dessert bars. It can be a good way to encourage networking while enjoying all of the food around you. We all know how food connects people in one way or another. 


Live band/entertainment 

You can invite bands and other special guests to perform at your networking event. Such kinds of events will keep you and your guests up and alive all throughout. The special guests can even deliver small talks or spiels about the event and other valuable information for your attendees/participants. 


Photo booths 

Another way to maximize the power of networking events is through photo booths. While taking photos using smartphones are already common, there is still something special and sentimental in having hard copies of photo-booth photographs. You can also use the backdrop to your advantage. Add a branded backdrop and other related props. You can also connect the photo booth to your business and let your attendees visit your page and get their photos there. 


Breath-taking venue 

You can attract attendees by holding an event in a nice venue. It can be on top of a skyscraper, a garden, or other interesting locations. If you are planning to host an event in your home or office, you can include other unique features like local beer or food. These can make the event more interesting and engaging. 


Planning a networking event 

If you want to meet new people and expand your network, hosting a networking event is a good idea. It is a good idea especially if you own tent rentals or any kind of business. Not sure where to start? Here are tips on planning a networking event. 


Know the purpose. 

You should have a clear purpose of why you are planning to have one in the first place. Do you want to gather people with common interests and industries? Or to help people who are interested and want to know more about your respective industry? A networking event is a great opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded people. 


Find a nice venue. 

It will depend on your budget. But keep in mind that having a nice venue can make an event interesting. Later on, you can consider hosting in your own office if you have already established your networking group. 


Promote the event. 

You can set up a page for your upcoming event. Utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, professional forums, and other social media platforms to promote the networking event. Make sure to have follow-ups to establish connections with your networking group. 



No man is an island, as the saying goes. We need someone to live and to learn about life. This also applies to businesses, too. Whether you own tent rentals in Northern VA or any kind of business, having connections are important to ensure success to your business venture.