What You Need to Know About Tent Weddings

Most of the time, an outdoor wedding requires you to check out party tent rentals because you and your guests should be sheltered. For any garden affair, the tent is the ceremony or reception’s focal point, and it could be both. Tents come in different shapes and sizes, and your event’s environment, style, and guest count determine the kind of tent needed.

The event planner or designer is going to help make the right call and check your options. The season is also a factor when it comes to finding the right tent for your wedding.

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The Tent Should be Good Quality

To the majority of people, a tent is a tent, but you need to consider some important things when you book a tent. They are not the same, and you need to research a couple of companies and look at more than the price. You might see that there is a range of differences when it comes to the age or quality of tents, and how they are installed, and the advice they can give. Pole tents, clear top tents, and frame tents have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can all differ based on the season, location, and time of the event.

The Wedding Space

Many times, the space will look like a family property or backyard property, which is overall less expensive. What a lot of people are not considering is that the buildout should be extensive, and this is also important even if you only have a few guests.

If the wedding needs a tent, the biggest check you are going to write is for the support and production team that makes the wedding happen.

Start from Scratch

When you want a wedding tent service, it is basically starting from scratch and you should consider the space, how to level the ground is, the proximity of the ceremony once you are on-site, where guests can park, and how they will be able to get to the venue, and restrooms access. In addition, you must have clean water and power access, and a spot you can use for a kitchen. Even if your wedding planner can walk you through all the required details, if you are planning but do not have a planner, you should make sure to check with the caterer, lighting company, DJ, and other vendors to make sure their needs are covered.

The Accessories

When you are planning a tented wedding, you have to consider other elements you will need so the big day runs smoothly. These may include dumpsters, portable restrooms, lighting, tables and chairs, dumpsters, generators, dinnerware, and A/C units or heaters. A lot of rental companies provide other items in their service. You might also need to rent other tents for the catering team or band.

Check the Safety

A safety check from the fire marshal is recommended and the tenting company has to know the requirements according to the wedding’s location. At the same time, not all tent rental companies let you rent fire extinguishers as part of the package, and even if this has an additional cost, you want to have a fire extinguisher ready in case something unexpected happens.

Having a fire safety plan when you host a tented wedding is important.

These are the things you should know about tented weddings. Make sure to consider them when looking for wedding tent rentals Maryland for your wedding.