What You Need to Know When Dealing With Celebrities in Events

Planning an event is not a walk in the park. You need to plan and organize a lot of things to make the said event successful. Whether to avail tent rentals, staging and dance floor rentals, table and chair rentals, and rent venue and catering services, everything needs to be settled until the event day. But working with celebrities is another story.

Having a popular celebrity in your event can be such a great honor. Imagine someone well-known gracing your event. He or she can definitely bring the crowd in and attract some more. No wonder collaborating with celebrities during events can be a sure-fire way to ensure the said event’s success. After all, making the event successful is every organizer’s main goal.

Choosing a popular celebrity can be tricky. There are important things you need to consider before getting someone famous to grace into your event. For one, that celebrity should not only be someone famous in your place or even well-known around the world. Here are some tips to remember when working with celebrities during events.

Choosing the right celebrity for your event

There are a lot of celebrities right now, each of whom is known for their respective expertise. Some are popular singers, there are also actors and actresses, well-known writers, artists, and so on. Sure, they can attract a lot of people to your event. Then again, choosing the right celebrity who will serve as a poster girl or boy for your event is a major task.

First of all, you should choose someone relatable to your event. Check your event objectives and what it is for. Is the event sports-related? About business or finance? Or a food event? From there, you can identify what kind of event you are having and make a list of well-known people related to the event you are promoting.

Once you have shortlisted your potential celebrity guest, make sure to know him or her more. More so, they should be made aware of what they will do at the event. They usually ask for certain talent fees or the like, so make sure you have the budget to pay for their service/appearance. The main point is choosing a celebrity is one of the most crucial things you need to decide on for your event.


Aside from choosing the right celebrity for your event, you need to plan on other things. For one, you should hire professional event rentals or corporate tent rentals suppliers depending on your event needs. Make sure to discuss with your chosen celebrity everything about the event. More importantly, the event should not cause conflicts with the celebrity’s schedule since they tend to have lots of work commitments.

The celebrity should be someone who can be a convincing ambassador to your event. If you are planning a basketball-related event, you can invite a popular basketball player. Or if you are organizing a food event, you can invite a popular chef or a celebrity mom (who posts photos of her cooking) to guests in the event. Work with a celebrity that will be relatable to your target audience and the event.


Now, what happens after the event? It is better to make the most of the celebrity’s time at your event. Perhaps you can set up a meet and greet with the popular celebrity (ex. autograph signing, picture taking). Or organize a separate event wherein lucky event attendees can be able to be with the celebrity for a day.

Of course, it depends on the agreement between the organizers and the invited celebrity. As mentioned, it should not also affect the celebrity’s schedule as they tend to be busy people with lots of commitment almost every day. They are considered VIPs, so make sure he or she should be the most comfortable and least stressed as possible. After all, the celebrity will play a major role in your event and you want it to be successful.


Organizing an event can be stressful. Everything should be well-aligned and well-planned to ensure success. Make sure to know these tips especially when handling events featuring popular celebrities. Not to mention dealing with suppliers such as tent rentals and the like. You should find the best suppliers offering staging and dance floor rentals in Maryland and other event needs.