What You Need To Know When Planning For an Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are beautiful. It is a celebration of love shared mutually by the marrying couple. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it is only natural for anyone to plan for his or her dream wedding someday. There are also wedding tent rental packages you can avail for your dream outdoor wedding.

Back then, weddings are usually held in churches and other indoor event areas. Over the years, outdoor weddings have become more popular. Imagine having your wedding with a majestic sea view or surreal garden landscape as your backdrop. Truly, this is one wedding you and your guests will never forget.

However, planning an outdoor wedding is easier said than done. For one, the weather may not cooperate and may even ruin your day. There are other factors you need to consider for your dream outdoor wedding. The good news is you can pull off an outdoor wedding – here’s how.

Planning the venue

Before anything else, you should have your wedding venue. Whether you choose to have a beach wedding or a garden wedding, it doesn’t matter – it’s your wedding, after all. Have a reliable event rentals company help you with the venue setup.

When planning for any outdoor event, make sure to consider weather unpredictability. One moment it is all sunny, and then rain clouds loom over the event location later on. All outdoor weddings should have an emergency indoor venue in case of sudden rain or gusty winds.

Wedding tent rentals are available for this purpose. If it does rain, the events staff can simply carry the tables and chairs into the indoor venue. Make sure that the tent is made from durable material and sturdy support to offer protection against downpour and strong winds.

Adding the details

Once you already have a venue, follow the other wedding essentials including the following:

  1. Décor and set-up

For an outdoor wedding, you don’t need to spend too much time decorating – your location already a natural décor in itself.

For a garden wedding, make sure that the leaves are raked, trees and plants are trimmed, and the grass mowed. Add flowers and themed décor such as lanterns and string lights to enhance the look of the event area. You can also add other accessories to make the event have its personal touch.

  1. Sound system

Since the location is mostly an open area, include a top-notch sound system for the wedding. Instead of having a mic, you can request for clip mics so you can move more freely. Hire a DJ or a band to play music on your special day. Staging and dance floor rentals, especially for the wedding reception, are also recommended.

  1. Catering

Make sure you plan foods that will serve all types of guests – meat lovers, vegans, and seafood lovers alike. Avoid foods that require to be served cold such as ice cream and fruit salads. Also, limit serving of alcohol as it can be dehydrating. Instead, serve beverages suitable for outdoor weather such as fruit punches and lemonades. Don’t forget to have plenty of water and ice as well.

  1. Pest control

Pesky insects such as mosquitoes and other bugs can distract guests during an outdoor event. Make sure to have insect zappers or citronella candles around the venue to shoo away these uninvited guests. You can also opt to provide insect repellent wipes for your visitors.

  1. Sun protection

You can rent wedding tent to provide sun protection for your guest during the wedding ceremony.

  1. Permits

Make sure to get the necessary permits you will need to hold the outdoor wedding at your desired venue.

What should you wear?

Since your wedding will be held outdoors, it is important for you and your guests to feel comfortable during the entire event. You can opt for a weather-friendly hairstyle that can last the entire day.

Avoid wearing stilettos and high heels especially if you have a beach or garden wedding. Instead, opt for flats or embellished sandals that will complement your wedding dress. Some brides even go barefoot in their beach weddings. Lastly, have a reception dress you can change into after the ceremony.

For your guests, you can consider tent rentals to shield them from the sun’s heat. Also, provide extra ventilation so they won’t get sweaty and sticky during the event. You can provide cute fans as part of your wedding souvenir.

Finding the best events company near you

Pulling off an outdoor wedding requires careful planning, but it will surely all be worth it. For your future dream wedding, you can avail the best wedding rental packages in Northern VA.