How Do You Figure Out What Size Tent You Need?

Are you renting a tent from tent rentals for the first time, and you don’t want to rent a tent that is too big or too small for your event? You must be asking, how do you figure out what size of tent you need, right? Well, there are plenty of things you should look out for. These things include:

The number of people attending the event

This is probably the most important thing that will influence the size of tent you should go for. The more people you expect in your event, the larger the tent you should rent.

If you expect 100 guests, you should go for a 20 x 40 tent. A 30’ x 60’ tent is best suited for 144 guests, while a 40’ x 60’ tent is ideal for 120 guests.

You should note that the larger the tent you rent, the more you to pay for it.

The size of your venue

How big is your event venue? This will significantly affect the size of tent you should go for. You might be having many guests, but if your venue is small, there is no way you can set up a large tent.

As you are calculating the tent size that can fit your space, account for at least 10 feet around the tent perimeter. This space allows you safe tent setup.

You also should leave enough space with close buildings, cooking areas, trees, and other features.

The sitting arrangement

How are your guests sitting in the tent? If they are sitting in rows, it means that many guests can sit in a small area, so you don’t need a large area for that.

On the other hand, if you are having a high-end event where the guests are sitting on round tables, the tables will be taking a lot of space, meaning that a few guests will be occupying a large area, so you need a large tent even if you are having a few guests.

Items you need under the tent.

Besides the guests sitting under the tent, you might need a buffet table, bar, dance floor, stage, cake table, DJ booth, and others. The more items you need to place under the tent, the larger the tent you need for your big day.

Your vision

This is an important factor that many people ignore. As you are planning your event, you have a vision of the tent you would want in your event.

If you wanted a small event, you wouldn’t want a large tent that will spoil your vision, would you?

To avoid surprises, when you visit the tent rental companies, ask them to set up the tent for you so that you can see how the tent will look after installation.

As a rule of thumb, choose a tent that meets your vision. The last thing you want is hating the photos of your tent in years to come.

Other factors to consider when renting a tent

Besides the size of the tent, there are plenty of other factors you should pay attention to when renting event tents from wedding tent rentals Maryland or any other companies.

One of the factors to consider is the quality of the tent. You want to hire a high-quality tent that will be good-looking and provide the guests with optimal protection against the weather elements. A good quality tent also won’t come apart in the middle of the event and embarrass you.

The tent should also match your event theme. If you want an all white event, you should go for an all white party tent. The tent syle should also match the party theme. If you aren’t sure about the right style to go for, get the input of a professional.